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Pest  Control 

Its unfortunate but pest problems do happen and when they do, Integrated Pest Services LLC is here to Help! If you are looking for Prompt, Professional Service you can count on, Someone that can deliver Quality and Value in a service, look no further!
With one phone call Today, we can put together a treatment plan that can meet your needs and your budget.
Our service program covers over 30+ Common Household Pest. Read below to see what plans we offer.
Initial Treatment
It Begins with our Initial treatment. This first treatment is detailed with a complete Interior and Exterior service of your Home. The Interior service includes the Attic, Garage and (Plumbing penetrations) if accessible. The Exterior includes treatment of your yard for fire ant mounds that maybe present. Knocking down all wasp nest and spider webs around the eves of the home. For more details of service please see below. Below is a list of three different yearly programs we offer for Pest Control.

Treatment Options

We know how important it is to protect your Home or Business. Thats why we offer flexible service plans in Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly. We also provide Organic treatments for all of our service plans. If you prefer a more Natural approach to pest control, We got you covered!
These plans begin 30 day after your initial treatment and include creating a barrier around the Exterior and Interior to keep insects out. This help break the cycle of the insects around your home and business. Leaving you home and business pest free!!

     Monthly Service

Our Monthly Service is designed for customers that have zero tolerance for insects and want to do all they can to see the least amount of pest in there home.  Although this is mainly an outside service, if you ever need the inside treated we will always do it free of charge.

Bi-Monthly Service

Our Bi-Monthly Service is
designed for customers who feel they do not have a serious enough pest problem that requires a monthly service.
This is by far our most popular service plan.
Our Quarterly Service is designed for customers who would like to extend their service as much a possible while still having the protection they need for their home or business.

Quarterly Service

Treating Your Home

Exterior Treatment (Everytime)
     Power Spray three feet up the foundation and six to twelve feet out from the foundation to create a barrier              around your home. (including all bushes and flower beds)
     Treat all lower eaves and inspect upper eaves for wasp and spiders.
     Inspect and spot treat yard for present fire ant mounds.
     Inject dust in weep holes (on Initials and during Winter months) to eliminate reproduction in harborage areas.
     Treat perimeter of fence line to prevent migration of pests.
     Knock down all spiders webs and wasp nest in eaves with a webster duster.
     Soak all expansion joints to eliminate nesting areas.
     Treat base of windows to prevent insects from entering home.
Interior Treatment (As-Needed)
Dust Attic on Initial to minimize scorpions, spider,silverfish, and roaches.
Treat baseboards and corners throughout the entire house.
Base of window seal for spiders and flies.
Garage treatment for protection against spiders and other pests.
Treat all entryways to prevent all common pest from entering.
Inject dust in plubing penetrations (on Initials and as-needed)
As Needed (Other Including Services)
Flea Treatments
Baiting for Roaches
Treat for Pantry pests
Bait and Dust Attic

Pest Covered 

Ants                        Silverfish                               Carpet Beetles                  Indian Meal Moths
Spiders                   Earwigs                                  Centipedes                        Clover mites
Cockroaches          Box Elder Bugs                    Millipedes                          Springtails
Mice                        Fleas                                       Cigarette Beetles              Fungas Gnats   
Rats                         Yellow Jackets/Wasp         Drugstore Beetles             Lady Bugs  
Crickets                  Hornets                                
Stink Bugs             Ground Beetles                   And Other Common Household Pest!!!  

 Pests thats seen around homes and business